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Steel Stocking Program

Benefit from a steel stocking program that gives you peace of mind and saves space, time and money .

With our steel stocking program, you place your order – Summit Steel does the rest:

  • Stocks and maintains alloy and carbon steel bar inventory
  • Coordinates shipping & tracking
  • Provides prompt delivery from any one of several warehouse locations throughout the Midwest

There when you need it.

Summit ensures inventory is ready with custom steel stocking programs tailored to each customer’s schedules. If a shop uses a certain size and it buys 40,000 pounds of it in the course of a month, the customer might not have room to take in a whole truckload of steel. In that case, Summit will buy the material and keep it warehoused for the customer at one of its locations in Cleveland; Chicago Heights, Ill.; or Houston, says Bushman. “When the customer needs another 5,000 pounds, we get it on a truck and ship it just-in-time,” he says. “They get the benefit of buying the larger quantity and having it available when they need it. It keeps their costs down, allows for more space in the shop and eliminates the need to warehouse anything.”


Raising the Bar” by Nick Wright
Modern Metals Magazine, March 2013





While there are other competitors in the area, [one] plant manager says that besides price point, which is “one key to stay competitive in the market,” Summit’s ability to deliver their products on time, while reacting and working together makes them an ideal choice for the company’s needs. “They’re a good vendor. They supply the material ordered and deliver it when it’s scheduled to deliver,” he says. “Those are keys to keeping manufacturing costs down and staying lean in a competitive market.”


Selling Good Service” by Gretchen Salois
Modern Metals Magazine, March 2011