Appreciation …

There was not much in the way of economic news this week, however, Dr. Ken Mayland, writing for the Precision Machined Products Association gave his take on some relevant numbers: "Durable goods orders from November rose 0.7%. This came atop a 1.1% October advance (revised higher). Increases in September October and now November, however, have [...]

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Mixed Signals

Happy days ... today marks the first day of winter. We have not had any measurable snow in Cleveland yet this season, however, a strong storm is bearing down on us from the plains. It is likely we will get snow today and through the weekend. The good news is now the days will begin [...]

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Hug Your Loved Ones

I would normally be writing an opinion and review of the week's economic news... In light of the day's events I would like to offer sincere condolences to all the people affected by the tragic slaughter of so many innocent children and adults in Connecticut today. Such incidents are not unique to the United States [...]

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A Loud Warning …

December 7, 2012: Pearl Harbor Day "A day that will live in infamy" Take a moment to pray for and give thanks to all those who have served, fought,  fought and died and who have been mentally or physically wounded protecting the freedom we enjoy. Be aware of their supreme sacrifice.   In economic and [...]

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" Blessed are those who can give without remembering and receive without forgetting." ~ Author unknown Thanksgiving with my family has always been meaningful to me. My earliest boyhood memories of our celebration included my sisters, paternal grandfather, my dad’s two brothers, along with their wives and children, as well as other aunts and various [...]

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Political Math

Not too much in the way of economic news to report this week, though yesterday’s report on jobless claims exploded to 439,000 new claims for benefits. The Atlantic Region released its manufacturing report, as well, and showed a contraction in activity. Raw steel production so far this year is up 3.3% from the same period [...]

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Positive Outlooks

Quite a windy week here from the east coast through the Midwest. Hurricane Sandy has most definitely left her mark on all of us. As of this writing over 90 Americans have perished and millions are still without power. Quite a devastating weather event. On the bright side, the rebuilding process will create many jobs, [...]

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Countdown to the Vote

From MSCI Advocacy News: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently asked the 2 presidential campaigns to explain their manufacturing agenda: Obama Campaign President Obama has released a framework for tax reform that would make 3 key changes: 1-effectively cut the top corporate tax rate on manufacturing income to 25% and to an even lower rate for income from [...]

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The First Debate

The first Presidential Debate has come and gone. Predictions were for a viewing audience of 45 to 55 million American voters. I hope they were mostly Democratic and I also hope they were paying attention, it was an eye opening 90 minutes. The President had no worthwhile answers to any questions pertaining to the needs [...]

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