Manufacturing up 3.7% Over Last Year

Total Industrial Production rebounded 1.0% in September following a slight 0.2% dip in August. Output for August was revised 0.1 percent lower. Manufacturing output reversed course in September rising 0.5%. The September jump in total production was the largest increase in 22 months but looking beneath the headlines, half the advance can be accounted for [...]

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Steel is Power

U.S. BACKBONE OF STEEL HAS TURNED BRITTLE “Steel is power. Any nation that expects to project strength and resolve must produce steel. Throughout US history steel has been an irreplaceable underpinning of our economic and military might. It’s why Abraham Lincoln insisted on building steel plants to supply the biggest infrastructure project of his time: [...]

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US Job Growth Rebounds

“US job growth rebounded in September and the jobless rate fell below 6% for the first time since mid-2008 suggesting the labor market is improving faster than previously thought.” Wall Street Journal From the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA): Personal income increased 0.3 percent and disposable personal income increased 0.3 percent in August. The Texas [...]

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Stronger Demand forAmerican Made Goods

Stronger Demand for American Made Goods The US trade gap narrowed in July reflecting stronger demand for American made goods abroad that could boost the factory sector in coming months. Hostage Horrors Here we go again, Monday afternoon we received reports that another AMERICAN journalist named Steven Sotloff, missing since 2013 and held hostage by [...]

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S&P 500 Crossed 2000, the First Time Ever

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) was released on Monday: Led by improvements in production related indicators, the CFNAI rose to +0.39 in July from +0.21 in June. Three of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index made positive contributions to the index in July and two of the four [...]

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World in Turmoil

Another week with no economic news of note. So, what is going on and what is my view of those things? Iraq Maliki resigns as prime minister. This is a good thing as the newly forming government should be more inclusive of all Iraqis. In the meantime, we have supplied food and water to those [...]

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